Rated NC-17 | 113 mins | Thriller/ Horror/ Drama.

A man's life is turned upside down and slowly blows into insanity after a traumatizing event with his daughter.

Directed by: Quantic Dream.

Written by: Quantic Dream.

CAST: Edit

Liev Schreiber - Ham Mason.

Jodelle Ferland - Haley (5-years old).

Lizzy Caplan - Haley (adolescent).

Jessica Lucas - Samantha.

Dane DeHaan - Gregory (as a child).

Dar Dash - Gregory (as an adult).

Plot Keywords: Horror Movie/ Quantic Dream/ 7 Deadly Sins/ Disturbing.

MPAA: Rated NC-17 for disturbing content including grisly images and some language.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Enlasggp.

Also Known As: None.

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FAQ for Enlasggp.

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